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Premiere Building Products features ProVia Siding not only for the quality and durability it provides but also for the numerous choices in colors and profiles they offer. Moreover, they have a lifetime limited warranty that includes protection against fade. In order to help protect against fade, cracking, and thermal expansion and contraction, ProVia siding has created its patented Super Polymer Formulation.

Choosing a vinyl siding to distribute can be a daunting task. One of the main reasons Premiere Building Products choose ProVia as their go-to vinyl siding is the quality of their manufacturing and the choices they have to offer. They have three kinds of siding which include insulated, traditional, and decorative shakes and scallops. The profiles and styles are numerous and with up to 30 colors of siding to choose from, finding the right siding for your house becomes easier. With all these features, decorative aesthetics, and the quality they have put into the formulation of their siding, feel confident that your customer can find the right siding for their home.

There are many reasons why vinyl siding is the most popular siding material in the industry. Low maintenance, ease of installation, many customization options, and abundant colors give the siding its long-term looks and durability. With many choices in the market, choose the siding that offers the best durability, quality, options, and warranty in the industry, — choose ProVia.

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If you are a contractor, installer, or homeowner, you can rest assure and feel confident in making your choice for vinyl siding ProVia. The products they formulate are developed with high-end weathering defenses that will in turn enhance the water resistance of the material. Because of this, your home will have better moisture management and give the exterior a performance that will last a lifetime. Wood, stucco, and fiber cement cannot make this claim. ProVia siding products go through rigorous testing and are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM standards that were set by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI). As a wholesale vinyl siding supplier, we choose Provia siding products because it is the best for you home.

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