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Premiere, LLC is more than just a building products company — we are one of the most trusted drywall contractors in Lancaster, PA. Our commercial drywall contractors have experience working on projects across a broad spectrum of complexities — from drywall repair to additions, new construction and more. Whether your project is big or small, we have the capabilities required to exceed your expectations.

Our team of commercial drywall contractors is committed to finishing each project on time and on budget. Working with property owners in Lancaster, Chester and Lebanon counties, our mission is to deliver quality results through superior craftsmanship. With years of experience under our belt — using industry-leading sheetrock installation materials — we guarantee a long-lasting final product.

Quick and Efficient Sheetrock Installation

Sheetrock installation can be a complicated undertaking, particularly for commercial enterprises. Poorly installed drywall is not only visually unappealing — it can create harmful dust and debris and cause your building to fail safety inspection. You’ll need an experienced commercial drywall contractor to ensure your project is up to code and satisfies all regulatory requirements.

At Premiere, LLC, we work with companies to complete drywall repairs, drywall installations and other drywall services for projects of all sizes. All our projects begin with an immediate needs assessment, followed by a fair and accurate quote on our drywall installation services. From consultation to completion, your satisfaction is our top priority.

The Benefits of Drywall Services

Since the mid-20th century, drywall has overtaken plaster as the most popular wall and ceiling solution for homes and businesses. Less labor-intensive, sheetrock installation is a quicker and more affordable option than plaster — with no maintenance required after the drywall installation is complete. Drywall repairs are also significantly easier and less expensive than other options.

Additionally, sheetrock products are mixed with materials that provide built-in resistance to mold and mildew. It is also a more accommodating surface for hanging pictures and other items than plaster. Despite plaster’s superior soundproofing capabilities, drywall offers better insulation, particularly when coupled with modern insulation techniques. The result is a smaller carbon footprint and lower year-round energy bills — making it a better option for the planet and for your wallet.

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Whether you’re looking for drywall repair, drywall installation or something else, our experienced contractors are here to help. Looking for more than just drywall services? We partner with general contractors to offer comprehensive solutions to commercial enterprises and companies in the multi-family housing industry. To learn more, contact one of our contractors today for additional information, or browse our resource page for additional information.

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